Kaitlyn Asmus

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Hello! My name is Kaitlyn Asmus, and I’m a freshman at Northwestern. I’m originally from Mitchell, South Dakota (yes, home of the Corn Palace). I’m majoring in English-writing and rhetoric and minoring in public relations. I’m a member of the volleyball team, which takes up quite a bit of my time, but I still enjoy working on campus at the library, spending time with my friends, and watching movies late at night with my wingmates. I’m excited to share my experiences at Northwestern with you!

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Dani Duistermars

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Hey, friends! My name is Dani Duistermars, and I am a senior from Orange City, Iowa.  I haven’t gone too far from home for college, but it has been quite the adventure all the same.  I am majoring in sociology, with minors in cultural studies and psychology.  Besides studying, I am also a part of the band and orchestra.  While at Northwestern, I have been involved in various adventures I never dreamed of, including: working at a homeless outreach center in Dublin, Ireland, through Northwestern’s Summer of Service Program; leading Discipleship Groups on my wing; studying abroad in Romania for a semester; and writing for a blog!  As I graduate this spring, I am looking forward to all the experiences I have yet to encounter, and I look forward to sharing my last year at Northwestern with all of you!

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Jonathan Johnson

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What’s up, everyone? My name is Jonathan Johnson but most people call me Johnny. I’m a freshman from Los Angeles, California. I am studying business administration with a minor in psychology. Outside of the classroom, I am a member of the Red Raider men’s basketball team. In addition to basketball, I enjoy riding bikes, weight lifting, writing poetry, composing music electronically, and spending quality time with my many new friends. On any regular night, you can locate me in the Rowenhorst Student Center lifting and shooting hoops, or in Colenbrander Hall, hanging out with my dorm brothers. This will be my first time writing for a blog of any sort, and I’m excited to have you along for this new journey and college experience.

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Shelby Maznio

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Hey everyone! My name is Shelby Maznio, and I’m a senior from Buffalo, Minnesota. I’m a double major in journalism and graphic design who is always down for a coffee date or Netflix marathon! I worked at Common Grounds, the campus coffee bar, for my first two years, then I took a leap of faith and served as an RA (Resident Assistant) for Stegenga Hall my junior year. The leap was worth it and I am currently a second-year RA in the apartments! I also spent time freshman year as a writer for the Beacon, Northwestern’s student newspaper. I was the Arts & Culture section editor sophomore and junior year and am now completing my time on staff as Editor-in-Chief! I love spending long hours in the art building, talking in a super dramatic Minnesotan accent (you betcha!) and practicing hand-lettering.

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Liz Meier

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Hi y'all! My name is Liz Meier and I'm a senior at Northwestern, majoring in English teaching with a secondary education certification and a minor in theatre/speech. I am student teaching in Des Moines this semester in speech, drama and language arts classes. I call lots of places home: Alpena, Michigan; Badger, Iowa; even Orange City is home to me. On campus you can find me in the theatre, Fern Smith Hall, the writing center in the library, or in a quiet corner of Kepp Hall. My friends tell me I'm a busy gal! I love coffee, traveling, writing snail-mail and reading. I've had lots of adventures during my time at NWC and I'm so excited that I get to share part of my final year at school with you!

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Anna Perrenoud

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Hey, everyone! I’m Anna Perrenoud, a junior from Sioux Falls, South Dakota. I am studying business administration/marketing and public relations, and I’m looking forward to a career in one or both of those! In addition to my studies, I’ve been blessed with some great opportunities to get involved on campus. I’m on the women’s golf team, and also get to teach yoga for the NWC fitness program on Monday nights. I have put my marketing and PR studies to good use this year as one of the marketing and media coordinators for Northwestern’s Campus Ministry team. When I’m not doing one of those things, you can find me drinking a chai latte at Common Grounds or doing homework with my roommates in our cozy apartment! Thanks for coming along as I navigate college!

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Connor Sams

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Hey, everybody! My name is Connor Sams, and I am a senior from Monrovia, California. I came a long way from home to end up at Northwestern, but I can tell you it’s easily one of the best decisions I have ever made. I am a public relations major with a career concentration in sport management. When I am not in the classroom, you can find me on the soccer field with my teammates – or you may find me giving campus tours as a student ambassador, writing articles for the Beacon or even tutoring my fellow peers.  I'm spending the spring semester in Chicago as I intern with a public relations and branding firm that works with professional athletes. What can I say, I love Northwestern and I look forward to telling you all about it!

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Abbey Slattery

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Hey-o! I’m Abbey Slattery, a senior from Yankton, South Dakota. I have a writing and rhetoric major with a public relations minor, so I spend a lot of my time typing words. Besides writing papers and working as a peer tutor, I’m also involved in a few different campus activities. I’m the arts and culture editor for the school newspaper, so if you ever want to dish about movies and music, I’m your gal. I’m also one of the editors for the campus literary journal, Spectrum, though I try not to wax poetic too often. Besides all of that writing and reading, one of my favorite activities I’m involved in here is the student improv team, the Black V—full of some of the funniest and coolest people on campus, speaking totally objectively. As I’m finishing up my time here at Northwestern, I’m taking on some interesting new roles and finishing up others, so buckle up for the learning curve, y’all.  

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Caley Vink

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Hey! My name is Caley Vink, and I'm a junior at Northwestern College. I'm a pre-law political science major and religion minor from Zeeland, Michigan. Between my major and being on the track and field team, life can get busy pretty quickly. If you're ever looking to find me, chances are I'm in the library, at the gym or at the stadium! During my time at Northwestern, I’ve been involved in student government, campus ministry events and Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA). In my free time, I love to go on runs and get lost in the beauty of God's creation. I love studying all things law and history related. I also love to hang out with friends, pray for people, do ministry with others, spend time with God, write short stories, work on my book in progress, travel and try new things! (Except swimming with sharks. You couldn't even pay me to do that.) While I will be sharing about the things I'm learning here on campus, I also love learning from others! I am thrilled to share my journey with you, but even more excited to see how Northwestern shapes you in your time here.

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Lauren Weber

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Hey there! My name is Lauren Weber. I am a sophomore majoring in graphic design and minoring in public relations. I grew up right here in Orange City, Iowa. My home is just a mile away from Northwestern, but life is so much different here on campus. I enjoy crafts, game nights, cats, visiting Town Square Coffee Shop, watching Netflix and laughing. I tend to be the awkward type of person, so it is typical to see me around campus tripping over my shoes and slipping on ice in front of Zwemer. Writing has always been a love of mine, so I am excited to share some of my experiences with you as I continue my sophomore year!

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