Jahdai Dunk

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Hi! My name is Jahdai Dunk. I’m currently a junior in college, and I live in Whittier, California. I am majoring in elementary education, with a reading and coaching endorsement. I love playing sports (soccer and track), hanging out with friends, writing poetry, meeting new people, dancing, listening to music, taking pictures/videos, and making people’s day. I started a poetry club this year, and I am currently running on the track and field team as a sprinter. It makes me so happy to see familiar faces all around campus, as I am also able to interact with my amazing teammates who have become like family. I’m so excited for this journey I am about to take with you, and more than happy to share how God is going to mold me during this semester.

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Justin Hullman

What’s up, everybody? My name is Justin Hullman, and I’m a freshman from Lincoln, Nebraska. I’m studying Christian education/youth ministry and Christian community development (long huh?). I have a passion for hearing people’s stories and seeing how God’s awesome love transforms their lives. I’m on the Northwestern men’s soccer team, participate in a discipleship group known as “Fight Club,” and I’m plugged into a youth ministry at a church off campus. I really dig listening to some solid jams, drinking copious amounts of coffee and black tea, being awkwardly random, reading, hiking mountains, playing Spikeball, and jumping over stuff. I’m a rookie at this whole blog thing, but if you’re down, I would love for you to join me on this journey as I navigate through life as a freshman in college!

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Brian Follett

Hello everybody! My name is Brian Follett, and I’m halfway through my sophomore year. I’m majoring in accounting and religion, and I’m also on the wrestling team. I’m from beautiful Colorado Springs, Colorado, which explains why I love being outside. I enjoy hiking in the summer, and I also enjoy drinking coffee and being around people. On a typical night at Northwestern, you can find me in my dorm, North Suites, hopping around from room to room doing pretty much any activity with anyone who’s up for it. I love playing card games with my friends, especially Hearts. I will never turn down a game of Hearts!

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Jamie Jongerius

Hey guys! My name is Jamie, and I’m a freshman from … Orange City, Iowa! That’s right, I grew up five blocks away from campus. I’m currently studying public relations and religion here at Northwestern with the hopes of pursuing a career in ministry. (Okay, I’d really like to be a pastor.) I love coffee dates, sarcasm, cooking, and just spending time with people. Not too long ago I discovered the joy to be found in writing, and I absolutely love it. Among many other things, college has taught me that sleep truly is a gift from the Lord and that you can never laugh too much. I’m excited to share part of my story with you!

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Nick Heider

Hey, future and fellow Raiders! My name is Nick Heider. I hail from Humboldt, Iowa, which is two hours west of Orange City. I’m three semesters away from graduating from college with a degree in education and coaching endorsements. I hope to become either a 3rd- or 4th-grade teacher or a middle school social studies teacher—but right now I am leaning more towards middle school. I am a resident assistant in Colenbrander Hall, a member of the men's soccer team, and the drummer for the Sunday Night Praise & Worship team. Off campus, I help out with a Wednesday night youth group, teach Sunday School, and coach a 7th-grade basketball team here in town (Go Dutch!). I am all over the place every week, and I look forward to sharing some of my experiences with you!

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Devin Jorde

My name is Devin Jorde. I grew up near Rochester, Minnesota, and you can often hear me saying “oofta” or “you betcha.” I am studying to become a nurse – I graduate in May 2017!! My favorite things on campus are the friendly people and Warm Cookie Wednesdays. I like board games, my sisters and brother, lakes, and when people spell my name right. Northwestern has provided me with opportunities to serve others, conversations to grow my perspective, and dances to get my groove on.

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Dani Duistermars

Hey friends! My name is Dani, and I’m a junior from Orange City. I haven’t gone too far from home for college, but it has been quite the adventure all the same. I am majoring in sociology, with minors in cultural studies and psychology. Besides studying, I am also a part of the band and orchestra. While at Northwester,n I have been involved in various adventures I never thought I would do. These include working at a homeless outreach in Dublin, Ireland, through Northwestern’s Summer of Service Program, leading Discipleship Groups on my wing, and now writing for a blog! I’m so excited to see what else I will be able to experience through my time at Northwestern, and I look forward to sharing it with all of you along the way!