Our wing is like family


They’re goofy, fun-loving, sometimes loud, and always supportive. They’re my wing mates and friends. We call the south wing of the third floor in Fern Smith Hall, also known as Fern 3S, home for nine months out of the year. Not only do we share a living space with each other, but we share our lives and college experiences. There are 17 ladies on the wing, and we’ve gotten to know each other by making memories together. Sometimes we simply sit by each other on someone’s futon and do homework in silence. On the weekends, we put aside our homework and have movie nights. Every Tuesday night at 5:45, we have wing dinner at The Hub where we laugh and talk about everyone’s day. Sometimes there are random dance parties in someone’s room and it usually spills out into the hallway. We sit by each other in Christ Chapel every Tuesday and Friday to worship God and listen to his Word together. We recreate our favorite Vine videos with each other. Our doors are kept open most of the time to invite each other to come in and hang out.

Our resident assistant, Liesbeth, also plans wing events for us about once a month. We went to Blue Bunny in Le Mars to get ice cream one Sunday afternoon. Liesbeth planned a spa night where we painted our nails and put face masks on to take some time and relax. We recently visited Pumpkinland to conquer the corn maze with our brother wing from Colenbrander Hall. To celebrate Thanksgiving, we’re going to have a potluck style Thanksgiving dinner together. We’re there for each other if someone needs a listening ear or someone to eat lunch with. We go to various campus events and activities to support each other’s interests and talents.

Our wing really is like a family and Fern 3S is our home away from home.