Utilizing resources

With only four weeks left in this semester, I have nearly completed half of my freshman year of college. The first portion of my freshman year has been filled with fun, stress and a plethora of growing pains. Luckily for me, I have started to get the hang of this new situation. Taking advantage of the resources available to me has helped me succeed throughout the semester.

College may come easier to some than others, but it is very different than high school. The pace moves much more rapidly, and the content dives deeper than most high school classes. I believed I could utilize my same habits in my studies. I thought that if I went to class daily, did all my homework, and studied alone for tests, I would be successful in college. My perception changed after writing my first draft of my very first essay.

Accustomed to always getting good grades, I was stunned to hear from my writing fellow that I would receive a 73 percent if I were to turn in the paper as I had written it. She advised me on how to get a better score and where I could go for help. She displayed a genuine care for my success in the class. She also directed me to the writing workshops Northwestern offers. There are people on staff who here to help, and they want students to thrive!  

Many of the tutors I go to for help have also grown to be some of my closest friends.

The Learning Commons is the central location for assisting students. Initially, I only went in to print off my homework for accounting. Now, I go to the LC daily to study with groups or tutors. Any time I have uncertainties, I go to the Peer Learning Center and ask for help. Prior to tests, you can find me there for hours on end with numerous tutors. Many of the tutors I go to for help have also grown to be some of my closest friends.

What makes this school so great is that people are willing to help you in any way possible. Professors will offer time to meet if you have any questions. Most will also meet with you even if you just wish to talk over a cup of coffee. This coming Saturday, I’m having dinner with one of my favorite professors. The people within this institution are truly a community that cares about the success of others; you just need to be willing to ask for help.