To the King

Someone should tell you about the theatre department and, since I’m here, it might as well be me.  

Northwestern theatre has many outstanding attributes working in its favor. We have a great facility. The program is distinctly Christian. At the same time, Northwestern theatre is committed to producing quality shows that involve students in every step of the process: both onstage and behind the scenes.

The department offers scholarships to non-theatre majors like me—and just like that I was hooked. When I accepted my scholarship months before I moved to campus, I honestly had no idea how much this theatre would mean to me at the end of four years.

Fast forward to a couple of weeks ago when we closed “Museum,” which was the very final show at NWC for several of us, including me. It wasn’t until we circled up after strike on the newly-empty stage that my throat started to tighten as a familiar prequel to some inevitable tears.

How is my time here already finished? It feels like yesterday I was pulling into the parking lot for the first time. This final strike was a dose of reality, a reminder that my time here won’t last. And because seniors sometimes start to get weepy and reflective, here’s what I’ve been thinking about lately.

Our department is adamant about two things that I’ll take with me when I go: (1) that students, faculty, and staff collaborate as an ensemble and (2) that our efforts glorify the King.

We circle up and shout a resounding ‘To the King!’ to remind ourselves who truly deserves the credit.

I’ve acted, stage-managed, worked in the box office, hung lights, and built sets and never felt more or less important than anyone else because each of those jobs served a specific purpose. Because each person is so deeply valued, the department feels more like a family than a loosely associated group of students. We circle up and shout a resounding “To the King!” to remind ourselves who truly deserves the credit.

Stay with me, friends. I promise this post still applies to you even if you’ve never set foot in an auditorium. Call it ensemble or “community,” they’re essentially the same. You might be looking at sports, the fine arts, or even a major to study. Whatever your circumstance, it is so important to discover something that you love and find a place that will wholeheartedly support you and push you to excellence in those endeavors.

The theatre department will do that. Northwestern will do that. I would like to think that one day I’ll do that. For God’s glory. To the King.