Thank you, Northwestern!

Before coming to Northwestern, one of my friends, a Northwestern alum, sent me a postcard that said something like, “I went to Northwestern, and all I got was a great degree, lifelong friends, a foundation of faith, and this t-shirt.” As I reflect on my time at NWC, it’s true that I’ve gained all of these things and more.

Looking back, there’s so much to be grateful for, and I can’t thank Northwestern enough for providing me with the tools I need to be a real adult, even if I’m still a little apprehensive of what real life might hold.

Here are some of the things I’m most thankful for about my four years at NWC:

  • My fellow public relations majors. We had so much fun together in our classes, and continue to support each other as we look for jobs in our field.

  • My golf teammates. It was easy to become close to my teammates over the years as we bonded over the difficulty of golf and tried to stay warm during our cold spring practices.

  • NWC dining services. It’s just hitting me now that there will be no cafeteria or Hub next year…it’s time to hone my cooking skills.

  • My professors. I definitely underestimated how nice it is to have professors who care about you, know you by name, and know what your goals and dreams are. The support system at Northwestern is incredible, and I’m going to miss having trusted mentors who are available at every turn to give support.

  • The tools for faith. Northwestern’s campus ministry gives students so many opportunities to grow in their faith, and having things like Praise & Worship in a safe environment like NWC will be something I miss.

  • The friendly faces. It’s so fun to walk from place to place on campus and see familiar, friendly faces.

There are so many small details about the community at Northwestern that I’ll miss, but are hard to put into words. It’s a great place to be while you figure out your hopes for the future, earn the degree to get you there, and are surrounded by people who help you become the type of person you want to be.

Thanks for everything, Northwestern!