A supportive team

My first year-and-a-half here at Northwestern has been filled with both fun times as well as challenges. Midway through my freshman year of basketball, I suffered a knee injury. Doctors ruled that three months away from basketball should prove to be enough time before getting back out on the court. The next three months were very hopeful as I continued workouts that required little movement or stress on my knees. 

Following those three months, I did not find myself to be any better than when I started. I sought more medical advice when I returned home for summer break. Upon my arrival, doctors found there to be a more severe tear than previously expected. I was then told that I would need to get injections every 14 to 16 days for eight weeks. Similar to my first treatments, not much difference was made in my healing process. I then returned to my doctor, who instructed that I need to have my knee surgically repaired in December.


I tell this story in order to highlight how supportive my team and coaches have been throughout this journey. I have remained a part of the team through a team manager position which allows me to serve as a player/coach. Through all of my pain, my family found through basketball has assured me that they have my back and are looking forward to my return. The people in my life, like them, motivate me to work each day in preparation for my upcoming surgery. They continuously show me love in this challenging time. This support system has made me excited for the moments in which I can do the same. 

I would be lying if I said it was or is easy. Being around one of my biggest passions and not being able to invest as much as I want into it hurts me every day. I came to realize that my love for the game spurs from the love and passion that emits from everyone participating. My teammates and coaching staff allowed me to remember why I love basketball so much. They reminded me that life isn’t always easy or fair; however, God places us in positions that he knows we can be successful. We just don’t always know what He defines success as. With the help of my family in Northwestern basketball, I view my injury as a minor setback for a major comeback.