Summer of interning

Summer is finally here! And while that means being warm and spending weekends on the lake, it also means finding something to fill your free schedule. After spending a number of summers working various part-time positions in Orange City, I decided I wanted to work somewhere within my field of study. I wanted to get an internship.


I did not know where to begin so I made an appointment with the Career Development Center (CDC) to get help finding an internship. They gave me different websites to start my search and answered all of the questions I had about intern positions. I continued to meet with the CDC until I felt I could figure out the details on my own. After a few months of searching for an internship without any luck, I put the idea on the backburner.

Lucky for me, Northwestern is great at keeping students informed about new job and internship opportunities. I started noticing emails about different companies in Iowa that were looking for a graphic design intern. I began to think about becoming an intern again. When one opportunity finally caught my eye, I decided to apply for the position. And here I am–writing this post from Des Moines where I was accepted as the graphic design intern at an advertising agency!        

I am so thankful Northwestern had the resources and information I needed to search for the perfect intern position for me. If I hadn’t gone to the CDC, I do not think I would be where I am this summer, learning so much about my field of study. Interning is an incredible opportunity and I highly recommend heading over the CDC to learn more!