Staying awake

I came to Northwestern in 2014 after graduating from a public high school. While I have nothing to really complain about, I didn’t know what I was missing spiritually until I went to my first college class. Right at the beginning of class, my professor prayed for us. I was completely shocked; I just spent years being told I couldn’t express my faith in school, and the only time you’d see students and staff praying was National Day of Prayer.


My world continued to be rocked when I attended chapel. I had never seen so many people my age all worshiping together. I felt comfortable and confident to express my faith, and I absolutely loved singing my favorite Christian songs in a room full of people instead of jamming out by myself in the car. I had found my place and my faith never felt stronger.

Of course, life has its way of throwing up roadblocks, and I soon found myself stumbling and pulling away from my faith. If I wasn’t at a place like Northwestern, it would have become broken far more than it did.

Northwestern’s community and environment encouraged me to rebuild my faith stronger that it was before. I kept going to chapel since I needed the Christian Formation credits, but it wasn’t long before I heard sermons that spoke right to my heart. I found myself crying in the middle of a song during Praise & Worship because it was overwhelmingly healing. The girls on my wing prayed for me and walked with me. I was healing and growing stronger and stronger every day.

Northwestern is the place for you if your faith is strong. It’s the place if it’s just beginning, growing, searching; it’s the place if you don’t have faith but want to learn more. Northwestern does a phenomenal job of taking you under its wing and walking your path with you. Staying awake in our faith can be a struggle sometimes, but living and learning on a campus like Northwestern encourages spiritual growth, and I am so thankful for that.