Special topics classes

One of the things that I love about Northwestern is that a lot of departments offer special topics classes – classes like Women in the Bible, Topics in OT: Pentateuch, Land of Galilee, C.S. Philosophy, Science Fiction Philosophy, Fantasy Writing, and more. These classes are some of the best classes because the students in them are people who find the topics really interesting and are excited to delve in a deeper to the subject matter. This lends itself to amazing discussion.

2019-02-15_Vander Ploeg.jpg

I’m currently taking a special topics class in literature about J.R.R. Tolkien. This class has been so fun. All of the people in the class really like Tolkien and are excited to really take the text seriously and learn more about the world of Middle Earth. A typical day in this class includes conversations ranging from asking questions like “Where do Hobbits come from?” to talking about the friendship between C.S. Lewis and Tolkien to discovering what we can learn about Tolkien’s faith and God from the text. I always go to this class excited to learn.

Not only that, but I get to read things like “The Hobbit” for homework! It’s always a breath of fresh air when I finish all my other homework and get to work on my Tolkien homework, which means getting to read something I love and that I would read for fun anytime.

 This Tolkien class has been one of the best experiences I have had academically here at Northwestern, and I know people who have taken other special topics classes here would say the same thing about those classes. No matter who you are, there is probably a special topics class at Northwestern that is perfect for you and if you took it, it would add a lot to your experience at Northwestern.