Simple fellowship

If you attend Northwestern College, you will come to find that the word ‘community’ is actively used in chapel, classes and regular conversations. The word almost seems like an echo that travels through campus. It is a relevant and appropriate word to use here at Northwestern because, wherever you go or whatever you may do here on campus, I assure you that you will feel a sense of community and fellowship. I see community most evidently in the dorms and especially on my dorm wing. 


Dorm wings often have what they call a “wing dinner.” I love going to Tuesday night wing dinner. At 5:30, Fern 3S heads over to the Hub, pushes a few tables together, and laughs with each other while eating chicken tenders and taco salads. It’s a great time, and one of my favorite parts of the week! With peoples’ busy schedules it can be difficult to see everyone often. Wing dinner is a perfect time to spend 45 minutes talking to those who live right next door to you.

This past Saturday my RA set up a waffle bar for the wing. At 10 a.m., a number of girls headed down to the second floor Fern lounge and filled our stomachs with breakfast food. Somehow we started sharing embarrassing stories and went around the circle admitting our favorites. Such simple events like a wing breakfast or dinner can bring you closer to those in your dorm. It’s an absolute blast to get to know the ladies on my wing. They fill my heart with so much joy and I am so thankful that I get to live among such an awesome group of gals.

I often see fellowship simply in the halls of Fern. People regularly come and go from the rooms on the wing. It is a very welcoming atmosphere with friendly faces. It’s difficult to go down the hall without stopping to say hello to a neighbor. I know that if I ever see my friend Sydney walking around outside her room, we will get into a 15 minute discussion about the latest episode of “Riverdale.” And I absolutely love that. You do not have to attend a wing event to experience the sense of community here at Northwestern. It is all around and in every smiling face you pass.