RUSH reflections

One of the highlights of the academic year for a lot of NWC students is the annual student dance concert, RUSH. This is an opportunity for students from all different backgrounds and experiences to come together and showcase their talents–talents that some didn’t even know they had. One theatre student I talked to said that RUSH is always a great way to get to know people that you wouldn’t have an opportunity to interact with otherwise.


The tryouts are soon after Christmas break, and everyone who auditions is cast! Prior to auditions, there are opportunities to learn an audition dance with a group, with wingmates, or on your own with with a video. All of the dances are choreographed by students, and the variety of styles and themes is really special to experience. The choreographers also often participate in the dances they choreograph. If dancing isn’t your thing, you can also learn how to create lighting designs and be a student lighting designer for a RUSH dance!

This year, RUSH was performed  February 21–23 and had six shows! There were blacklights set up for most of the shows, so students in the audience were encouraged to wear white or neon. Seven dances, choreographed by nine students, were performed this year. (I wasn’t in RUSH this year, but I was last year, and it was an awesome experience.) There is so much community built backstage between shows and through the audition and rehearsal process. One of my favorite RUSH moments was when my group went on an ice cream run in between our two final shows.

In the Black Box Theatre, where the dancers play games, do homework, and chat during the shows, there’s usually one or two groups trying to learn parts of each other’s dances. Every year, by the end of RUSH, new talents have been uncovered, new friendships have been formed, and you know that every time in the future that you hear those songs, you’ll be right back at RUSH.