RUSH: Don't miss it

Northwestern’s campus is always hopping. Whether it be new and exciting activities coming about or old traditions resurfacing, there is always something going on for students to get involved in. I’m here to tell you about RUSH, Northwestern College’s student dance concert.


RUSH is a dance concert every student is invited to participate in. Every year, the theatre department holds tryouts where anyone who auditions is cast; all they ask is that you learn a simple dance to show the choreographers what you can do. Don’t worry though–there are multiple nights before auditions where choreographers teach you the audition dance.

After auditions take place, every student is placed into a dance group where they spend the following month learning and practicing an original dance. Every group is filled with people from different activities. You could be placed in a group with people you don’t interact with regularly, but because of RUSH, you might end up becoming really good friends with them. Some of the best friendships have been formed from people participating in RUSH.

RUSH also offers students the ability to step outside of their comfort zone. Not everyone is a dancer or likes to dance, but RUSH gives those people the opportunity to do something fun and not have to worry about what other people think. Unlike some activities, where students may be worried about competition or trying to please others, RUSH takes a step back and allows the space to become an environment filled with joy. RUSH has the addition of having a reputation for being one of the most joy-filled events on campus.

The process of creating RUSH is also one that brings joy and excitement to the students. Being that each dance is created and directed by students, it gives them a chance to do virtually whatever they want to with the songs they choose. This also allows for the dancers and choreographers to work together to create art. No choreographer can make an original dance happen on their own, so RUSH gives students the opportunity to collaborate and make something they all can be proud of.

RUSH is performed three nights in the spring and anyone is welcome to come and see the show. Tickets only cost one dollar, so it is affordable for an evening of fun and entertainment. Plus, theater professor Drew Schmidt engages the audience in some “pre-show shenanigans.”

This is one event that you are not going to want to miss.

Derrick Jansen is a junior from Sully, Iowa. He is a theatre major with an arts administration minor. Derrick is heavily involved in the theatre department as he has acted in several shows and done behind-the-scenes work for others. He also helps through his work study position in the theatre scenic studio. Derrick has participated in RUSH for the past two years and will continue to do so in the upcoming years. Derrick has also been a part of Northwestern’s orientation staff.