Rommate adventures

When I arrived at Northwestern my freshman year, the thing I was most worried about was having to room with a complete stranger. However, my roommate, Emma, and I became fast friends. If we hadn’t been selected as roommates, I may have not met Emma and I would not have many of the wonderful memories that I have of my time at Northwestern. Here are three of the many adventures we have had together:

Getting lost our first weekend here (and many more times)

The Sunday afternoon of orientation weekend, Emma and I decided to go on a walk to downtown Orange City. I was certain I knew which direction to go, so I led the way. As we started walking, we were slightly confused to see more space and fewer buildings. After traipsing about halfway through a grassy field with nothing but construction around us, we realized we were going in the wrong direction and we had absolutely no idea where downtown really was–so we returned to Fern and played some card games. That was just the first of many times we somehow managed to get lost in Orange City. (Most people don’t get lost. We just both happen to be terrible with directions.) It might sound like a nightmare to get lost in an unknown town, but it is actually one of my favorite memories. First, we were never lost in the sense that we didn’t know how to get back to campus; we just didn’t know how to get to where we wanted to go. Second, it was a great bonding experience right away freshman year and it allowed for many good conversations as we walked around Orange City for far too long before realizing we should have turned around many blocks earlier.

Getting ice cream at 11:30pm

Late night conversations are the best–especially when ice cream is involved. The conversations are either ridiculous ones that we laugh at the next day, or they are really deep, vulnerable conversations about real life problems. Emma and I have had many of both these kinds of conversations over a bowl of ice cream. One night we ended up getting into a long conversation. A little after 11:20 p.m., we both started craving ice cream. The Hub (one of the places on campus to eat that also has a lot of snacks) closes at 11:30. We put on our coats and boots, sprinted to the Hub, got some ice cream, and returned to our room to finish our conversation. We got a few weird looks, but the ice cream and the memory were totally worth it.

Decorating our door for Christmas

During our freshman year, our wing had a door-decorating competition. Emma and I went all out. We walked to the craft store downtown (we didn’t get lost this time) and got a bunch of materials. We then spent an entire Saturday listening to Christmas music, talking, and decorating our door. We didn’t win, but we formed some wonderful memories.


Even though it was really scary going into freshman year not knowing what my roommate would be like or if we would get along, I wouldn’t trade the experience I had for the world. Emma and I have made some many wonderful memories that will continue to make me smile for many years to come.