Perks of finals week

Finals week. The week can be stressful as students calculate the work, paper and tests that need to be finished to conclude the semester. Yet, as my fifth finals week is coming to a close at Northwestern, I’ve been reflecting on how finals week really isn’t that bad and the ways Northwestern works to make it a week of as stress-free as possible. Here’s is a list of three things that make finals week better:

There is so much time. During finals week there are no classes, and other activities on campus are limited, so time is focused on finals. You might have two to four of finals a day, but otherwise the day is open–that leaves 20 to 22 hours a day to sleep, eat and study. Because of this, I rarely feel the stress of the clock.

The library has snacks. Who doesn’t love free snacks? During finals week, the library has a table full of free snacks and coffee. Usually there is some form of chocolate on the table, and I believe that chocolate makes you less stressed. After hours of studying, it’s nice to take a break to go get some delicious snacks at the library.

Zoo hour. In the dorms during finals week, there is a rule about being quiet for 23 hours of the day so people can study and be get distracted. The one hour that people do not have to be quiet is called zoo hour. During this hour, you’re encouraged to take a break and relieve stress by doing something fun. Whether it’s playing music, running through the halls, or laughing as people from other dorms walk through singing, zoo hour is sure to reduce some of the stress you’re feeling.

Finals week can be stressful, but there are many things that Northwestern does to reduce the amount of stress and to make the week enjoyable.