Opportunities abound

One of the things I appreciate about Northwestern is the variety of extracurricular activities available to foster students’ passions and talents.


Junior year I began writing occasionally for our campus newspaper, The Beacon. The Beacon is student-run and allows any student to write an array of stories based on campus news, personal interest stories, sports, opinion or arts and culture. After writing articles for a semester, I was asked to serve as the features editor for my senior year.

Initially I was very nervous I wouldn’t have the time I needed to dedicate to the position, which requires about five hours per week of meetings, editing and designing. Thankfully, our talented group of editors is great at teamwork and we’ve already made it halfway through the year. We also have some great faculty and community contacts who help us with tough questions and give our team great advice that they’ve learned in the real world.

Although I wasn’t sure if I was the right person for the job, it quickly became evident that I had found something I really loved, and finding a passion in the journalism field has helped me narrow down what I’d like in my upcoming career. I still feel like I am learning each week and writing and editing has become such a great outlet for me during my busy weeks of reading and studying.

It always amazes me the vast number of groups that Northwestern has for being a smaller college. There’s a group that gathers to play Spikeball, a new group for women in leadership, a club for actuarial science students; and this isn’t even mentioning the many Bible study, devotional and small groups that take place each week across campus. If there’s not a group or club for something students are interested in, they are encouraged to start one.

Despite its small size, Northwestern’s diverse student body allows for so much fellowship in so many ways!