One Flock

As a high school senior at this time of year, you have probably started to think about committing to a college. If that college is Northwestern, then I know you have a few selections for dorm options to stay in. The dorms on campus consist of Colenbrander, Hospers, North Suites, Stegenga, Fern Smith, and the apartments for upperclassmen. As you’re thinking about which dorm you want to stay in, you may be thinking of the location, the environment in each dorm, or even the different styles each dorm holds. I’ll hit on each of those aspects for the dorm that I live in, called North Suites.


Obviously, I have some bias with living in North Suites, however, I can definitely tell you that it’s an awesome dorm to live in and a unique environment to be around. If you love creating meaningful relationships that will last well into the future, then this is a dorm for you. You will tell immediately that we are all about relationships in North by our motto, “One Flock.” This means that anyone who has lived or currently lives in North will always remain in the family. If you’re an introvert like me, trust me and don’t get overwhelmed, because I know you will have no trouble finding new friends. So, if that’s a big fear for next year, don’t fret, because with some time, North Suites and the rest of the campus will feel just like home.

North Suites isn’t like the typical dorm styles. North is a bit different in which each dorm is either set up in a U-style or an H-style. What this means is that you have two dorms that are connected by a bathroom. I absolutely love this style because it allows for so much community. With this style of dorm rooms, you will see in North that a lot of students will put all the beds in one side of the dorm duo and have the other side set up as a living room with couches. This gives more opportunities to have lots of people in one dorm room for movie or game nights. It’s a unique style of dorm that I love to live in.

The location of North Suites is near the corner of the campus, and like the other dorms, walks to class and the caf are very manageable.

North Suites is an awesome place to live on campus. I also want to mention that all the dorms on campus have amazing people in them and each hold their own unique experiences. Whatever dorm you may choose, I pray and hope that you will have a very great freshman experience. (Also, if you want more details about the residence life here on campus, you can visit