The Northwestern effect

Earlier this month, Northwestern was blessed to host 2000 alum Michael Greller, caddie to professional golfer Jordan Spieth, who spoke in chapel and in Juffer Athletic Field House to support AllNDay.  

Being a golfer myself, I was very excited to hear him speak, and not only because it was two days after Masters Sunday. I know the importance of a caddie on a player’s mental state and overall golf game, so I figured he must be pretty legendary if he carries Speith’s bag.

His Q&A session in chapel was very encouraging, and it reaffirmed in me something that I already knew to be true: the long-term effect of Northwestern on a student. Greller repeatedly referenced how Northwestern were some of the most transformative years in his life, and I can affirm that to be true in my own life, too.

He mentioned how being at Northwestern taught him how to live in community and how after traveling the world, Orange City is still one of his favorite places. Greller mentioned how his professors cared so much about him, even outside of the classroom.

2018-04-26_Perrenoud_golf bag (2).JPG

Without ever thinking about it, I realized there will be so many things I will take away from Northwestern, too. While everyone’s experience is different, I imagine most graduates leave feeling like they had the perfect launching pad for real life after spending a few years here.

What made these years transformative is the community that surrounds each student and strengthens faith for the hard times to come in college and after. It prompts respect for others and excellence in all endeavors, something confirmed by people who hire Northwestern grads.

I know that Northwestern is not only helping me get a great degree, but providing me with all the tools I need after college to be a kind, thoughtful, and hard-working person who is rooted in faith and ready for whatever life throws at me.