New year, new opportunities


With a new year comes new opportunities.

Several things have already changed my sophomore year in comparison to my freshman year. In addition to my first-year responsibilities, I now juggle athletics and jobs while maintaining a strong GPA. There are not many environments that allow the many opportunities Northwestern offers. 


I have had new opportunities open that I never would have imagined. I have taken on leadership roles with Living Your Faith, a summer event for high school students. As a mentor, I spend time developing relationships with high school students who are future leaders of the church. After hours upon hours of mental and spiritual preparation, we served alongside promising youth and some of the great Northwestern faculty and staff. Iā€™m also a tutor in several academic departments, giving me the opportunity to share some of my strengths while connecting with peers. Tutoring has introduced me to countless new friends and has allowed me to grow in my relationships. In addition to these opportunities, I work for the maintenance department and campus dining. 

At times, it feels a bit overwhelming but my support system has yet to fail me. Through faculty, peers, and my family back home, I have been thoroughly reassured that there is a purpose and end-goal to the overwhelming moments. This allows me to take pleasure in this journey of a new year.