New year, new adventures

2018 is almost over. During break, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about last year while looking forward to the new challenges and adventures that 2019 will hold for me at college. Here are some of the things I’m excited about for this new year at Northwestern!

New classes: I’m taking all new classes this semester, and beginning my Spanish classes! I’m excited for the new things I’ll be learning in the new year, both in the classroom and out of it.

Praising Jesus in community: I’m really excited about the new chapel topics this semester, new speakers in Praise and Worship, new D-group activities, and ways to build Christian community with the people around me.

New theatre productions: The theatre department will be performing a comedy called “Noises Off” in a few months, but we will begin working on it in January, soon after we get back. I’m looking forward to beginning this project.

RUSH: RUSH is the annual student dance concert at NWC! I participated last year as a dancer, and am really excited to see it again this year! It is one of the most anticipated events on campus every year.

Adventures with friends: I’m ready for some late-night Walmart runs, dance parties while brushing teeth, more deep heart-to-heart conversations in the hallway, movie nights, and all cherishing all of the special moments that come from living with a community of great people.

I’m looking forward to the anticipation in the air on Friday afternoons as everyone is getting out of classes and gearing up for the weekends, looking out my window and seeing the falling snow turn our campus into a winter wonderland, Sunday morning omelets in the cafeteria after church, all of the fun activities coming up in the new year, and getting settled into my fourth semester at Northwestern.