Why you’ll never want college to end

Coming to a college knowing absolutely no one is terrifying. Fears and questions start racing through your head, never giving you a chance to think “maybe it won’t be that bad.” If this is your mind, then take it from me: coming in knowing zero people might just be the greatest thing to happen in your life and here’s why:

One of the best things I’ve encountered during my time at Northwestern has been the people. There are those who just walk by and smile, or others who call you by name, just so you can walk to class together. But then there are those who make you never want to leave college–the ones you consider your best friends.


When people say “college is where you’ll find your people,” they aren’t kidding. The friendships I’ve made here are ones that push me to grow as an individual and as a Christian. However, these friends of mine didn’t just come out of nowhere. It took interacting, putting forth an effort and making myself known before any relationships were formed. Getting involved in activities and clubs is a huge aspect of the college experience. Being part of the A cappella Choir and Heritage Singers has led me to those who I can count on to push me musically while also being able to have fun. Joining Discipleship Groups in my dorm allowed me to meet some of the strongest, God-fearing woman I know. Having them around to hold me accountable in my faith has been life-changing. Lastly, putting myself out there as a writer for the school newspaper, the Beacon, gave me to the opportunity to be one of the editors. This experience has not only showed me where I want to go in the future, but has also brought me closer to amazing writers I never would have gotten to know otherwise.

Be willing to get out there, try new things and invest in new people. Find people who are easy to connect with, will stay up until the wee hours of the morning because they enjoy your company, and will drop everything just to invest in your life.

I never knew what amazing friendships looked like until I came to NWC. When I sit and look at my friends, I can’t help but feel overabundantly blessed for the way God has been so faithful. These people in my life are one of the reasons why I never want college to end.

If there’s ever a place to find your people, it’s right here at NWC.