Meaningful relationships

One of my favorite things about Northwestern College is the relationships you develop. It’s an exciting but daunting time going into college not knowing anyone. But it’s also an awesome opportunity to meet new people and expand your horizons to different perspectives on life from the people you meet. I am so grateful for the relationships I have formed so far here at Northwestern.

One of the best things that has occurred since arriving here has been meeting my roommate. We have helped each other grow so much spiritually this year. I am so appreciative of our friendship and I know that he has my back when I fall, and I have his when he falls. We have discussed our adversity, times of doubt, testimonies, and life in general. That’s the thing about the friendships and relationships you’ll have here– they’re going to go to a deeper level and they’re going to have meaning that will last well into the future.

I am so grateful for the close friendships I have formed this year and that I have a group of people that I can go to to share anything that is going on in my life. We get to go through life together and learn more about ourselves as we learn more about each other.

As you’re nearing the time to narrow down a final decision on a college to attend, I want to ensure that you know that here at Northwestern, you won’t feel alone. You can count on that.