Maximizing learning opportunities

One of my favorite aspects about college is being in charge of my learning. I found that staying on top of my credits and requirements for my majors allowed me to have some wiggle room to explore Northwestern’s elective courses and take classes in other majors that interest me.

Some of my interests are in the political science area. However, these topics are not heavily discussed in the courses required for my majors, marketing and public relations. With the help of my adviser, I was able to incorporate some of these into my schedule. Many of the general education requirements for students have several options of classes to choose from. For example, the self & society general education requirement gave me the option to take American government, which I enrolled in as fast as I could.

Another core class Northwestern requires is a cross-cultural credit. I fulfilled the requirement with a class called comparative politics, where we explored political developments and issues around the globe.

Senior year, I had some room in my schedule to add an elective of my choice. I looked through the course offerings and saw that a political science class called Christians and the political order fit right in my schedule. The class description, which explained how the course discussed Christian engagement in the political sphere, had me hooked and I was able to take that class for fun last semester.

Even within my majors, I’m able to pick and choose some of the elective courses I take. I love writing, so I picked up a feature writing class this spring, despite already having fulfilled all the requirements for my majors. I was pleasantly surprised with myself—choosing to take more credits than needed in order to maximize my learning—and I thank Northwestern for instilling in me a love for learning that spans all disciplines.