What I’m looking forward to this fall

I’m sad to say it, but the end of my college career is quickly approaching. This fall is my last semester at Northwestern. After that, it’s over! I’ll be graduated and off into the world of adulthood. The time definitely passed much faster than I thought it would.

There are often benefits with change, it’s true. But there sure is a lot I’m going to miss about life at Northwestern.

I can’t get too sentimental yet, because I’ve got one whole semester left! And there’s a lot to look forward to in that last semester.

Here’s just a glimpse at what I’m looking forward to:

Orientation weekend

My brother is going to be a freshman at Northwestern this fall and I am just too excited for him! Life at Northwestern is both a blast and a blessing—I’m so happy he gets to experience it. Freshman orientation was a highlight for me because I met so many great people and enjoyed the time I had to get familiar with the campus community before classes started.


2017-10-02 Weber_Airband.jpg

Airband is a mashup of dancing and lip-syncing. The contest includes several performances in which groups of students will show off a choreographed dance they’ve created. I personally prefer when my performance has somewhat of a humorous twist. Sophomore year, my friends and I did a mashup with “The Sound of Music” and a little hip-hop action. Junior year, we pulled out our walkers and really got the dance moves flowing. (We also won people’s choice award!) I can’t wait to see what we come up with this fall.

Soup and a musical

My friends and I love “The Sound of Music.” And we love soup. What could be better with the chilly fall air than snuggling up to watch the musical and enjoy a nice warm bowl of homemade ham cheese chowder? Nothing, and that’s the truth. I can’t wait for an excuse to eat some soup again.

Praise and Worship

Praise and Worship is a student-led night of worship that happens every Sunday. The only problem? It doesn’t continue throughout the summer! I’m looking forward to P&W because of the atmosphere it provides. The space is one where you can come to freely worship God and hear vulnerable stories from your peers. In my eyes, P&W is a beautiful space to connect with both God and others.

Seeing my friends!

Summer is wonderful, I’m not denying that, but by the end of it I’m just ready to see my friends again! That’s the beautiful thing about college—you’re living with your friends 24/7. It is truly a blessing to have so many of my friends in one close geographic location. When they’re gone for the summer, it gets lonely! Reuniting in the fall is always a highlight.

Jamie Prescott is a senior who was born and raised in Orange City, just a few short blocks from campus. A public relations major, Jamie loves all things communication and organization. Her campus involvement reflects this. Jamie started writing for the student newspaper, the Beacon, as a freshman and moved her way up to news editor junior year. During her final semester on campus, Jamie will serve as editor-in-chief. In addition to the Beacon, Jamie serves as an admissions ambassador on campus, responsible for campus tours and phone calls to prospective students. She is also in her third year as a speech tutor for freshmen taking first-year seminar.