Home away from home

It’s crazy to think I have almost completed the first semester of my freshman year as a college student. Time has been flying and I anticipate it’s only going to get faster. I figured with the semester nearing its end, I would give an insight on some of my highlights from Northwestern College so far:

  1. Community is one of the most used words about the campus here. It’s true though, community is a huge part of life at NWC, especially in the dorms. You will form so many new relationships while living here. It didn’t take long to start making connections with new people and the best part: it doesn’t matter where you’re from or what your past is like, everyone belongs. Community doesn’t just exist in the dorms, but all over the campus. Whether it be walking to class, eating at the café, or even studying at the Learning Commons, I always seem to find people to chat with.

  2. Praise and Worship has been a great experience for me. Praise and worship, also called P&W, is a devoted time on Sunday nights to go to the chapel for a worship service and a short presentation, usually from a fellow student. P&W is an awesome way to start off the week. It’s a devoted time to put everything aside and worship God for an hour.

  3. If you come and visit Northwestern, you will most likely here a lot about the professors and how they differ from other colleges. In my short time being here I have experienced this myself. The professors I have care so much about their students. They care about my success academically and my growth spiritually. The professors are always willing to take time away from their busy schedules to talk outside of class with their students, whether it be talking about the class or going to them as a mentor to talk about anything that is on your heart. They truly care about each of their students and their well-being.

  4. Finally, I would say the sense of belonging is another big part of my experiences. It’s hard to not feel like you belong here with how well you get immersed into the community. There are always all sorts of ways to get involved. There are always dorm events going on, which are mini events that occur with your fellow colleagues in your dorm. One of my favorite dorm events this year would be North Suites’ “wake me up when September ends” walk. It consisted of the guys in our dorm walking through all the of dorms late on the last day of September in the most ridiculous summer clothes and singing the song “Wake Me up When September Ends.” The campus also does a great job at having new events set up each week to keep people involved. It really is hard to not feel like you belong here, because it’s so easy to form relationships and community.

From the four or so months I have attended Northwestern College, I can truly say that I have made this place feel like home away from home.