Integrating faith

One thing that makes Northwestern different than many other colleges and universities is the constant focus of integrating faith into course work, in the classroom and in relationships.

My freshman year, I took a math course and toward the end of the semester, we were required to write a paper that tied together two topics: math and faith. It was the first paper I had ever written for math, and it taught me how possible it was to integrate faith into any topic or subject.

In the same sense, many of my classes begin in prayer. I have been taking Spanish courses during my sophomore year. Every Monday, my professor beings class with a devotional. This may include sharing a story of God’s work, reading from the Bible and asking a question, or listening to a praise song and reflecting on the words. Our devotion times always end with application. It is important to my Spanish professor that we are able to find lessons within her devotionals to use in our everyday lives. We then close in prayer and start class. Having morning devotionals on Mondays always lifts my day, allowing my mood to increase greatly.

Every professor on campus works toward incorporating faith into their courses. Attending a school where faith is a top priority is encouraging. It is reassuring knowing I can walk into my professors’ offices and have an open conversation about academics, faith, and life in general.

Earlier this semester, I set up an appointment with a professor to talk about a test and after a while one thing led to another. A half-hour later we had gone from talking about my test to talking about what was being studied in Discipleship Groups in Fern this semester. Near the end of our conversation, she offered to pray for and with me before leaving her office.

If you’re looking for a safe place where you can openly talk about your faith with students, faculty and staff, Northwestern is the perfect environment to embrace that.