Home away from home

There is something so exciting about Christmas break. The idea of having no homework for three whole weeks while being able to spend time with old friends is thrilling. Celebrating the birth of Jesus is a monumental time of year. Though my Christmas break was spent working a majority of the time, I was still able to visit family and old friends and also sleep in quite a few days of the week.

Although those things are nice, after a week or so, I started to miss the life I made here on campus. When I was watching “Friends” with my mom at home, it reminded me of the times I would watch “Riverdale” with my wingmates on campus. When I worked at the grocery store in my hometown, it reminded me of my work-study job in the library and the opportunities I got to talk with friends before they started on their long nights of homework. When I went to church with my family, it reminded me of the church I was involved with in Orange City and the life-changing chapels on campus that we are blessed with. Going from a campus that is so invested in community to a home where I would see old friends every few days is a huge change, and it revealed how grateful I am for the community I have been a part of here at Northwestern.

Now as the second semester has started, students are getting back into the swing of things. Weekly wing dinners and D-groups have started up, movie nights and study sessions have begun, and people are reuniting with friends and roommates. A place so far from home has never felt more like home, and I cannot wait for the new experiences I will be involved in within the next few months.