Grateful Raiders

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In this season of gratitude, we asked our Red Raider bloggers: What are you most grateful for at Northwestern?

I am thankful for the wonderful professors at Northwestern. They invest so much in all their students and it is evident they care greatly about their students succeeding. Olivia Vander Ploeg

I’m thankful for all of the opportunities we have to be involved. I am involved in so many things, and through those experiences, I’m growing and learning more about what I love to do. From extracurricular activities to resume building opportunities, the number of things to be involved in is endless! Abigail Moody

I’m grateful for the many opportunities here at Northwestern to grow in my faith, whether that be through chapel, retreats, Discipleship groups, mission trips, or praise and worship. Brandon Kjonegaard

I am thankful for my roommate and the ladies on my wing who I not only get to live with, but get to call my friends. We not only have fun together, but we share our daily experiences and lives with each other. Allison Wheeler

I’m thankful for the Ngage series, which are lectures and conversations for students about interesting topics in our culture. I’m grateful for Northwestern’s commitment to fostering a Christian community that discusses hard issues and continually challenges and stretches me. Anna Perrenoud

I am thankful for the opportunities and new experiences Northwestern has provided me with. Never would I expect to travel to Chicago for conferences, but through the school, I was able to enjoy something new and exciting. Jonathan Johnson

I am beyond thankful for the sense of community Northwestern truly embodies. Along with being able to connect on a high level with various different people on campus, I'm also thankful for personal relationships with my professors. Northwestern does a great job of providing us with a staff that loves us and are willing to invest in our lives outside the classroom. Bree Hodnefield

I am thankful for my work-study position in the advancement office. I have gotten to know the wonderful people in the office who contribute so much to Northwestern. I have also perfected the art of wrapping gifts which will come in handy for Christmas! Allison Wheeler

I’m thankful for the theatre department. It may officially be a department, but it’s much more like a family. The professors’ doors are always open, and I’ve had some of the best conversations with theatre faculty. Plus, every Tuesday and Thursday, we get to spend 90 minutes with everyone who is heavily involved in theatre. There’s an amazing amount of community here. Abigail Moody

I’m most grateful for the guys in North Suites. I’m thankful I can call these guys my brothers and that I am able to grow in my faith alongside them. Brandon Kjonegaard

I’m thankful for the RSC workout facility. It’s open early in the day until late in the evening, so I can get a workout in whenever possible. Anna Perrenoud

I am thankful to be a part of the Symphonic Band and the opportunity we have to make wonderful music together while glorifying God. Olivia Vander Ploeg

I’m most grateful for the professors who truly care about their students and their academic success and faith. Brandon Kjonegaard

I’m thankful for my job at The Beacon, our student-run campus newspaper. We have such a fun time writing stories to share with the student body. Anna Perrenoud

I am thankful for extracurricular activities such as the Red Raider Athletic Band and the theatre department's one act plays that allow me to be involved on campus and have fun. These activities have led to great friendships while I pursuing hobbies I love. Allison Wheeler

I’m thankful for Common Grounds. As a college student, I frequently live on coffee, and the coffee they serve is pretty great. Plus, if you’re not into coffee, they also have fantastic smoothies, and there’s always plenty of people to chat with around the coffee area. Abigail Moody