Fun in Orange City

When meeting and talking with prospective students, a question I am often asked is “What is there to do for fun in Orange City on the weekends?” While Orange City may be considered a small town compared to Des Moines, Sioux City or Sioux Falls, it still has fun activities to offer Northwestern students. Below is a list of activities students can do in Orange City, including some that are free and some that require some spending.



  • Hanging out on the campus green while playing Spikeball, disc golf, or gennis (Northwestern’s very own combination of golf and tennis); lounging in a hammock or relaxing on a blanket

  • Taking a bike ride around Orange City. The Learning Commons on campus has bikes that students can check out for free. There are even tandem bikes for you to ride with a friend!

  • Going on a walk or run through Orange City or down the Puddle Jumper Trail

  • Playing board games with friends

  • Hosting movie nights with movies you already own, movies provided by media streaming services or movies available at the library

  • Having a bonfire in the campus fire pit


  • Going to see a movie at Orange City’s Holland Plaza Theatre. On Tuesdays, admission is reduced to $5 with $2 beverages and popcorn!

  • Eating out with friends is always an option with Orange City’s variety of restaurants

  • Having coffee with a friend or studying at the coffee shop

  • Going to the bakery at midnight for donuts that cost only $1 on Fridays

There is always the option of traveling to bigger cities such as Sioux City or Sioux Falls for more options, but Orange City is a town that is worth getting to know. My friends and I often find ourselves coming up with our own ways to have fun on the weekends whether it is in our dorm, around campus or throughout Orange City.