Finding our best selves

College has thus far been an experience of many firsts and the formation of new identities. We students here at Northwestern are all trying to find our best selves. This school offers a second chance for many of its students. People from all walks of life have been gifted with the opportunity to make the best of their lives. 

Over the last two months, I have been able to see the transformative powers this institution possesses. Friends of mine who have been on the brinks of academic probation have mindfully turned their circumstances around. This was not without the effort of a caring institution. School does not have the same effect on everyone but this one is something special. Northwestern is a place that identifies those who are struggling, lifts them up, and allows them the opportunity to become the person he or she wishes to be. 

On the opposite end, Northwestern also identifies students who are doing well. Individuals who exhibit outstanding attributes are pushed into roles that only elevate their academic experience. People who show that they can go above and beyond are put into situations to challenge them, thus creating a multitude of options that would not be thought of otherwise.

Northwestern has made the best of its mission as a higher learning institution. Over my time here, I have been able to see the members of our staff mindfully try to uplift every student in attendance. Northwestern has given many people that second chance and extra challenge that many would not receive elsewhere.