Faith taking form

Northwestern is built on a foundation of faith, and that faith sets the tone for every aspect of the college. Faith is weaved into classes, sports and fine arts, but much of it takes place through Campus Ministry. Campus Ministry handles all of the faith-based initiatives for students on campus–retreats, chapels, mission trips and more.

Here’s a glimpse into how some of the ministry opportunities take place:

Discipleship groups, or D-groups, are weekly gatherings that take place in each residence hall. Your wing will gather with your D-group leader and dive into the Word. It’s a great opportunity to learn and discuss in a smaller setting, as well as getting to know your wing-mates!

Ngage is a newer event that the student life office puts on monthly. It’s a student favorite–a speaker will be brought in to discuss and unpack a difficult or popular topic in current culture.

Ncourage is another student favorite. It’s a campus-wide blog where students share their testimonies or talk about what God is doing in their lives. It’s wonderful to see how it encourages (no pun intended) students’ faith.

Nything Goes (can you sense a theme here?) was introduced this past fall as a new chapel format. Once or twice a semester, a variety of faculty and staff grace the Christ Chapel stage, and students can anonymously ask questions about–you guessed it–anything.

Praise & Worship might have been part (or will be part) of your RED101 or overnight tour here at Northwestern. It’s a Sunday night worship service filled with tons of great worship songs and a student speaker.

NED Talks, as you might guess, are Northwestern’s version of TED Talks. Professors, faculty and even national speakers focus on one topic during these twenty-minute chapel periods.

Spring Service Partnerships, or SSPs, are often a highlight in students’ four years here on campus. Students, staff and faculty spread across the country (and globe!) every spring break, doing manual labor, serving in homeless shelters, and sharing the Word of God. It’s a wonderful ten days where Raiders are scattered from California to Minnesota to Haiti to Amsterdam.

Retreats are dispersed throughout the year. The fall semester kicks off with the Black Hills Retreat, where students hop on some buses and enjoy fellowship in western South Dakota. The spring semester includes a men’s and a women’s retreat.

If faith is a strong deciding factor in your college decision, look no further than Northwestern.

If faith is a strong deciding factor in your college decision, look no further than Northwestern. I can’t thank Campus Ministry enough for providing me with a variety of formats to grow and learn next to my friends.

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