Extra, extra! (Notes about the Beacon)

One of the highlights of my week is reading our campus newspaper, the Beacon. Every Friday morning, stacks of newspapers–hot off the press–are placed all over campus. Written by students and for students, the Beacon is a source for campus news.


Features, sports, arts and culture, opinions, reviews, and news– it’s all in the crisp pages. From upcoming senior art shows to the latest box office hit, you can read about it in the Beacon.

The Beacon is a great way to get involved on campus. The student editors gather on Monday nights in the basement of North Suites to discuss the story options for the upcoming issues. Stories and photos for the week are turned in by Thursday of the following week.

There’s something about seeing your name in print that is super exciting. I take pictures for the Beacon, and love picking it up and seeing photos in print that I took. Some of my wingmates write for the Beacon, and I know people who save every issue of the Beacon that they were published in. Some even tack their stories or pictures up on the walls of their dorm room.

Not only is writing or taking pictures for the Beacon a great experience, but it also pays! You get paid per story and per picture that gets published. It’s great to put on a resume!

So, whether you love writing, taking pictures, designing, or simply reading about it in the comfort of your dorm room, The Beacon has something for everyone.