Enjoying God’s gifts

After finishing one semester at Northwestern, I have come to the realization that college life is not a walk in the park. College can be physically and mentally draining. For five days out of the week, students place themselves in a cycle of classes, homework, sports practices, working out in the RSC, and socializing. After weeks and weeks of this, it comes as no surprise that there would be some fatigue.


My first semester was one of joy, fun times, and no worries. Though I did have difficult classes and had to adapt to the fast pace of school, I never hit a point in which I just needed a break. However, only three weeks into my second semester, I felt as if this breaking point was nearing. With my classes intensifying with more difficult courses, basketball being in full effect, and trying to maintain a healthy social life, I felt somewhat overwhelmed.

The people who know me best understood exactly how I felt and were reaching this point as well. We all decided that it was essential to take a step back, so we spent an entire Saturday afternoon outside in the snow, taking pictures and enjoying the beauty of God’s creation. This day of rest was long overdue. Through this time of peacefulness, we allowed our problems to flee our minds and let our surroundings overwhelm us. Attending Northwestern has been laughs and stress, as well as challenging; however, this experience can be as great as you make it. This place offers numerous opportunities to overcome stress and other adversity. You may just have to take a step back and enjoy the roses.