Dinosaurs and root beer floats

Here in Stegenga Hall (or Steggy, as students affectionately refer to it), we have a yearly tradition called “Steggy Keggy,” a dorm decorating event that includes root beer floats. Each dorm has an all campus event every year, and this is ours.

So what exactly is Steggy Keggy? Each year, the dorm chooses decorating theme that is kept secret until the visitors (students from other dorms) walk in the doors at 8 p.m. Each wing has a sub-theme and decorates accordingly. Last year, the theme was movies, and my wing was musicals. (We decorated the wing like a red carpet event.) Visitors walk through the halls to see the decorations, and after they’ve visited all six wings, they’re invited back to the Steggy lobby to vote on their favorite wing and enjoy a root beer float!


Four days before the event this year, the residents of Steggy got the much-anticipated email from our resident director, Celeste. The subject line read “THE TIME HAS COME.” This year’s theme was Steggy Zoo, and my wing was assigned mythical/extinct animals. We settled on a “Jurassic Park themed wing and named it “Prehistoric Park.”

 Over half of the women on my wing were involved, and many hours were spent hanging streamers, writing scripts, planning skits and setting up. I helped decorate. We set up a “lab” with a scientist attempting to hatch dinosaur eggs; a mythological creatures room; a “park” where visitors watched a dinosaur feeding; and “jungle” that included full-grown “dinosaurs.”

 The whole event was a great way to cap off a Monday: spending time with some great people, and enjoying the hard work and creativity of the women of Stegenga Hall.