Discovering your major

There are some people who know exactly what they want to do in life pretty much from the moment they’re born. Their parents are in the medical field so they want to follow in their footsteps, or they’ve always been good with kids so they decide to go into education. I definitely wasn’t one of those people. I grew up not knowing what I want to do in my life, and once I got into high school, that became stressful for me. While all my classmates were discovering the different paths they wanted to take, I didn’t even know where to start.

It wasn’t until the beginning of my senior year that I had an idea of what I wanted to do. Since English class was one of the only classes I enjoyed, and I had been told I had a knack for writing, I decided to look into a writing major. It wasn’t something I was completely sure about, but I felt a tugging toward it and thought I would try it out. I know it sounds horrible to most people, but it’s actually something I love doing. As I get deeper into the major, I realize that this was the right choice for me.

You don’t need to know exactly what you want to do once you get to college. I think this is one of the biggest myths people have about college, but it’s normal for someone to not know what they want to do in their life. The great thing about Northwestern is how much support they give you throughout the process of discovering what you really want.


Not only can you do things on your own before you come to college, like taking online career aptitude quizzes or talking to your guidance counselor, but there are many opportunities once you get to campus as well. You have time to explore different classes within the core requirements to help you get a glimpse of where each area could take you. You can also go to the Career Development Center, where they help students discover different paths they can take throughout their college career. They lend a hand to students who aren’t sure about their major yet by talking them through their options and giving them discovery activities to work on. While you attend Northwestern, the Career Development Center can also help you create a graduation plan once you’ve chosen your major. This way you know which classes to take each year and know that everything fits into your schedule to get you toward your goal. When you graduate, they can also help open doors to help you find the right job.

Choosing a major can be almost as stressful as deciding which college to attend. But if you choose Northwestern, know that you will have many opportunities and a lot of help as you explore your options and discover what career is the best fit for you. Plus, you’ll wind up with four years filled with great memories!