Community in academic departments

You probably hear the word “community” a lot when people are talking to you about Northwestern, but it really is true that community is one of the college’s strengths, particularly within each academic department. I am a writing and literature major, so what I’ll be referring to in this blog post comes from my experience in the English department. But from what I have heard from my friends in other departments, they have experienced similar things.

I think the biggest thing that helps contribute to the department community is that Northwestern is a small college. It’s easy to get to know everyone within your major. I tend to have most of the same people in my classes, so I have been able to get to know the people within my major really well and we have become good friends. It’s nice to know going into each semester that I will know people in my classes and know that we will be able to have good discussions, which adds a lot to the enjoyment of each class.

Another thing that adds to the community of the department is that we have English gatherings. This has included meeting at a professor’s house and having a bonfire while playing word games and getting to know the new students for the year, the English department book sale, and nights of playing games like Apples to Apples: Bible edition.

We also have a bulletin boards with all the English major’s pictures and one thing about them, black-out poetry, and a quote board. The care that the professors have for each of the students and their desire for community within the department also adds greatly to the environment in the department.

At Northwestern you will find community within whichever department you become a part of, and it will help you love Northwestern even more. Kepp Hall feels like another home and the English department is like a family. The department community definitely makes class more exciting and creates a great learning environment!