Christmas in Raider Nation

The Christmas season is full of traditions, and Christmastime at Northwestern is no exception. We asked our Red Raider bloggers: What's your favorite Christmas tradition on campus?


Of all the Christmas traditions here at Northwestern, I would say that Campus Christmas is my favorite. Ramaker was completely transformed with a cookie frosting station, ornament decorating, a photo booth, games and puzzles, lots of hot chocolate, and Christmas lights everywhere. It was a fun time to spend with friends before the busy week of finals. Brandon Kjonegaard

One of my favorite Christmas traditions on campus is Steggy Christmas morning. The Saturday morning before finals week, everyone in Steg gathers in the lobby, wearing their pajamas. While we eat breakfast and drink hot cocoa, a special guest comes in and reads aloud to us a children’s story, followed by the Christmas story from Luke 2. Then we play a Christmas trivia game for some prizes. It’s a really special way that we get to celebrate Christmas with the women we live with. Abigail Moody

My favorite Christmas tradition at Northwestern is hearing Christmas music play from Zwemer Hall all day long throughout the season. It makes the campus feel so festive and fun! I often have to fight the urge to breakout into song and dance while walking across campus. I definitely sing along in my head though! Allison Wheeler

My favorite Christmas tradition here at Northwestern would have to be Coly Christmas. We get an entire dorm of over 100 men to put on skits depicting the many different traditions of Christmas. It is a time of fun, camaraderie and endless joy. Jonathan Johnson

My favorite part about Christmas at Northwestern is seeing all of the buildings decorated. It makes the end of the semester so cheery to see decked out trees and lights in almost every building on campus! Anna Perrenoud

My favorite Northwestern Christmas tradition is singing Christmas carols in Ramaker. It is a wonderful time to be together as a student body before the stress of finals week to praise God with our songs. Olivia Vander Ploeg

One of my favorite Christmas traditions is seeing all the wings in Fern covered in Christmas decorations. From top to bottom, the halls are covered in lights, garlands, homemade snowflakes, wreaths, ornaments, trees and much more. A few of my friends always say, “Tis the season for happiness not stressiness!” because of how festive fern is during the month of December. Seeing the decorations always gets me into the Christmas season much more and helps keep my mind off how stressful finals can be! Bree Hodnefield