Called to serve

Two of my biggest passions are summertime and missions. This summer I get to experience missions in a way I have never before, and I could not be more excited to spend my favorite season doing something I love.

This photo was taken on a previous mission trip to Haiti.

This photo was taken on a previous mission trip to Haiti.

Starting June 3, I will be serving at Robin’s Nest, a children’s home in Montego Bay, Jamaica. Robin’s Nest typically houses 36 children and provides them with a safe, nurturing home where they can grow physically, mentally and spiritually. Robin’s Nest is a very cool ministry because they strive to show Christ’s love to each child and help them grow in their faith.

I am able work with Robin’s Nest because of a program at Northwestern called Summer of Service, or SOS. The SOS program has been such a blessing to be a part of throughout this whole process. Last fall, I received an email from an SOS student coordinator saying I had been recommended by someone as a good candidate for the 2018 SOS team, and I was so excited. First of all, someone thought of me for this process? That gave me a lot of confidence and assurance to just put in my application and trust God with the rest. Secondly, this program sounded amazing. God works through our desires to travel and serve him where we are called.

So I applied, interviewed and got accepted to go to Jamaica with one other Northwestern student. (It is important to note, though, that the whole SOS team is made up of 17 students going to sites all over the world.)

While in Jamaica, I’ll be serving in a variety of ways as the Lord reveals where help is most needed. Some of my everyday tasks include meal prep and cleanup, helping with homework and entertaining the kids. Each Sunday at Robin’s Nest, the interns prepare a “Children’s Church” message for the kids, and I will be helping with that as well.

What am I most excited for?

God works through our desires to travel and serve him where we are called.

I am so pumped to meet the children and begin building relationships with them. I cannot wait to get to know the children individually and see them grow and develop during my seven weeks in Jamaica.

What do I need prayer for?

While I could not be more excited to go, I am aware that this is a totally new experience for me. I am leaving behind family, friends and everything that is familiar for the summer. I would love prayer for a calm heart and open eyes to see how God wants to use me this summer.

Kelsey Lang, an Orange City native, is pursuing two majors: public relations and political science, with hopes of possibly attending law school after graduation. Kelsey is a junior this year, and in addition to studying, she’s a member of the Red Raider track and cross country teams. She has enjoyed working with the freshman class as a speech fellow and works in the library on campus.