Business department connections

I love seeing how students at Northwestern find a little niche in their academic departments, and I’ve found a great community in the business department, where both of my majors fall.


The business department is the biggest department on campus, but somehow it still feels so friendly, in part because the professors are very personable and get to know you from the first day of your first general seminar class. One reason I think the department seems so close is that many of the majors within it require similar core classes, so everyone gets to know each other right away.

One thing I appreciate about the department is the commitment the professors have to connecting students with internship and job opportunities. They do this through connecting with Northwestern alumni and community employers and coordinating trips to job fairs.

When I was a freshman, the business department held Formal Fridays. Professors would bring in business leaders who we could speak with, set up mock interviews, hold a discussion on how to dress like a business professional and more.

This semester, the new Business Club launched, and while I’m disappointed I won’t get to see all the wonderful things it will do in the coming years, I know that it will provide an opportunity for students to connect with other business majors, leaders and employers from all over to learn more about the real world before jumping into it. The club is already doing things like touring the Staples plant in town and taking headshots for LinkedIn profiles.

I’m very grateful for the friendships and connections I made during my four years here. I’m also thankful for the time and commitment the business professors put into not only preparing their students for careers in an educational way but also in a practical way.