The buildings we call home


Northwestern’s campus is made up of many beautiful brick buildings that span the corner of 8th Street and Albany Avenue. A couple weeks ago when I was walking to class, I tried to quickly count how many buildings were part of campus, and came up with more than 20! While Northwestern is a small college, there are so many amazing facilities that I’ve come to call home over the last couple years. As you might notice, there is an abbreviation for almost every building, so considered this your code to campus talk!

There are numerous residence halls that take up a chunk of the buildings, including six apartment-style buildings. It was in Stegenga Hall that I first experienced college, living with a roommate and being away from home. This year, in the apartments, I get to experience living with five friends, decorating and cooking (mostly easy mac, though!).

Van Perseum Hall, or VPH, is where 90% of my classes have been. It was there I discussed novels with my FYS class, scratched my head as I digested my microeconomics lectures, and am developing friendships with my co-PR and marketing majors.

Rowenhorst Student Center, or the RSC, is a frequent destination for many reasons. It houses the campus restaurant, the Hub @ N-dub, the workout facilities, a four-court area, the bookstore, mailboxes, offices, and more classrooms. The RSC mall is also a student favorite for studying and socializing.

Ramaker is my favorite building on campus. Way back in the day it was the library, but it’s been recently remodeled and is open 24 hours a day – perfect for that late night group meeting or study session. It holds a lot of offices, including the Campus Ministry Center, Career Development Center and Student Life offices.

The DeWitt Learning Commons, or the LC, is not only the library but the place to be Sunday-Friday. With endless nooks and crannies outfitted with tables and chairs, it is the ideal study spot. It also has Common Grounds, the coffee shop, so you can grab some liquid fuel whenever you need to.

Zwemer Hall and Christ Chapel are arguably the most beautiful buildings on campus. Zwemer is very historic and holds PGC, or President Greg Christy’s office, along with admissions and other administrative offices. Christ Chapel is a place to gather for chapel, concerts or Sunday night Praise & Worship, and is also connected to the music department.

Northwestern students are blessed with an amazing campus with so many spaces to learn, grow, and thrive!

While many of these facilities are part of Northwestern’s core, each one really represents a place where people gather in community – whether over microscopes in VPH, food in the café, or weights in the new Juffer training center. Northwestern students are blessed with an amazing campus with so many spaces to learn, grow, and thrive!