Become a phonathon caller

Believe it or not, one of the most fun and memorable parts of my experience at Northwestern has been my on-campus job. Northwestern’s phonathon team is more than just your average work-study. It is a fun study break and a work-study all in one.

2018-06-18_Van Drie_phonathon.jpg

The goal of the phonathon program is to ask alumni, parents of former students, and friends of the college to financially support Northwestern College by donating to the Northwestern Fund for student scholarship aid. Because of the donations through phonathon, 1,000 dollars could be taken off each student’s tuition in the past years.

Callers also inform people about what is happening on campus and update records over the phone. These calls also lead to great conversations, catching up with alumni and hearing about their experience at Northwestern.

The phonathon team works in both the fall and the spring semesters, making calls for up to three hours a night, Monday through Thursday. Your personal work schedule is flexible, so you can easily work around homework and other extracurricular activities you may have.

If you are outgoing and would like to get paid to chat, or are shy and are looking to develop your communication skills, phonathon is the perfect job for you.

Why you should join Northwestern’s phonathon team:

Money. You need this. An added bonus is that your pay increases each semester you work.

Resume builder. Phonathon is an excellent experience to put on your resume. The ability to communicate is one of the most important skills you can offer. Also, having experience working in sales is always helpful, especially if you are a public relations or marketing major. Phonathon provides you with relevant work experience right on campus that you can add alongside your list of internships.

Snacks. Maggie Hulstein, the phonathon director, makes some spectacular cupcakes. Enough said.

Games. If earning money for yourself and the college is not enough of an incentive to make calls and get donations, the phonathon team likes to play games to keep things fun and competitive. Tallying points for pledges, updated information, and new donors to shoot baskets in the back of the office during breaks makes each day exciting.

You get to thank the donors who support you. This is one of the most rewarding aspects of being a phonathon caller. You have the opportunity to call many of the generous donors that make it possible for you and other students to afford to attend Northwestern. These people are so fun to talk to and love to hear from the students they are supporting. You brighten their day and they brighten yours. Everybody wins.

Emma Van Drie is a junior political science and writing major at Northwestern College originally from Minooka, Illinois. She plays on Northwestern’s tennis team and is a student government representative. She also has been a member of phonathon team for the past four semesters.