Back on campus

I have been back on campus for a little over a month now.  It has been a bit of a transition to living back on campus. Some things I am happy to have back, and there are some things I really miss about being in Romania. Getting used to the school work demands and balancing extra curricular work has been a bit more of a transition than what I expected it to be. Within the past two weeks or so I have really found to be content and comfortable with the expectations, responsibilities and activities happening on campus.

Specifically this past Friday the Symphonic Band had its first concert of the semester. It felt good to perform again with them!  We had a really entertaining line up of songs as we had a theme of movie music, and the pieces varied from “Phantom of the Opera” to “Jurassic Park.” The audience was really able to get involved and sit back and enjoy the music. We had appearances during the performances from a phantom, Liberace, and Elvis. Being gone for a semester, I really missed band.  The songs we played, the challenges we overcome with each piece, and just the individuals involved in band really make band an activity I enjoy participating in each semester. 

Now that we have finished our first concert of the season, we’re looking forward to our tour. After spring break, the band will take a weekend tour and perform in South Dakota and Nebraska. Along the way we will stay with host families at night and get to know the people that take us in along the way. Each year after tour, host stays are generally some of the most memorable experiences students take with them. As a band, we are excited to get started working on our tour music and prepare for this weekend away.