The art department atmosphere

If you’re like me a year ago and are wondering which college would supply the best experience for an art-related degree, don’t fret, because this blog is about what I have experienced thus far from the art courses here at NWC. I am going to give you an insight on what the atmosphere within the walls of the Korver Visual Arts Center is like. 


As you may already know, I am a graphic design major with a double major in marketing. Another thing is that I love art–and let me tell you, this is the place for you if you have a strong desire to pursue an art-related major. The professors are awesome to be around, and each have their own character and personality to what they bring to their teaching. Professor Scorza is great. I haven’t had the opportunity yet to take a class with him, but he is my academic adviser, so I’ve gotten to know him through that. I have to say that he deeply cares about all his students. All you have to do is go ask him for help and he will go above and beyond to ensure that you get your questions answered. Then there is Professor Yun Shin who I met through my drawing class. She is an incredible artist and you can tell by conversing with her that she has a strong passion for art, specifically anything sculpture-related. She has a witty side to her personality, but also takes her job seriously by ensuring that her students are always improving their skills. These are only two of the many wonderful and friendly faces you will see around the art department.

Not only do the professors make the department an amazing experience, but so does the flexibility of the building itself. I love that the Korver Visual Arts Center is open from six in the morning until midnight. This allows so much time to work on projects and give it the care and touch that they need to prefect them. I often even use the classroom my drawing class is in as a study space. It’s nice and quiet and usually a solitude place for me to be able to focus. The hours will also come very handy during finals week to finish final projects that you usually don’t have enough in class time to finish.

The last thing about the art department that stands out to me are the connections you make. The majority of the time you will be placed in an art class with people in the same or similar major as yourself. As a freshman, this allowed me the opportunity to meet other people in my major and meet people who I will continue to see in other classes I will take down the road. You really do make good relationships with your fellow artists through your classes. Take advantage of this as a freshman to easily form new relationships.

The art department is an awesome atmosphere to be involved in. You will meet wonderful professors, great friends, and further strengthen your skills. If you have any doubts about what the experience will be like, just test it out yourself through our Fine Arts Preview Day. I highly recommend going to this preview day over a regular preview day to get a full experience of what the art department provides.