Spring Fever

The past two weeks I have started to notice that it finally is starting to feel like spring.  It’s getting warmer, the grass is greener, and the trees are starting to get their leaves back.

My favorite time of the year on campus is spring and it seems like everything is coming back to life, including the students.  After a long winter of being cooped up indoors, as soon as a nice day hits, everyone is out and about. 

The campus looks and feels much more active.  Even when it just comes to studying, students will bring out their blankets and camp out for the day.  If you are lucky, a professor will have class outside on the green.

The green is full of kids playing Frisbee, soccer, and spike ball.  There’s kids scootering and longboarding from class to class.  When walking through campus tennis balls whiz past as kids play Gennis (golf and tennis).  Soon the Learning Commons will have bikes out front that can be checked out for a day.  There’s nothing like grabbing a bike and riding through town with a few of your friends for a little study break. 

Walking through campus you can easily join a group of people enjoying the day.  This past week I was walking back from Praise and Worship Sunday night and there was a large group of kids enjoying a bonfire at the campus fire pit.  As I walked past, a friend of mine invited me over.  They made me a s’more and we talked and listened to music for a while, all the while inviting more people who happened to walk past. 

If you’re on campus it seems essential to have a hammock.  Every available tree seems to have a person hanging beneath it.  I definitely am not a stranger to grabbing my backpack and lying in a hammock to make doing homework a little more enjoyable. 

Spring is my favorite time of year at Northwestern.  There is no better feeling than watching campus become full of activity after a long winter.