College + Job = Good Idea?

Two years ago I was a senior year in high school. (My how things have changed in two years!) As a senior looking ahead to college, there was a lot I was curious about. 

I had been told that college was a big time commitment, much bigger than that of high school. So I wondered: was it possible to go to college and work at the same time? Could I focus on my classes AND find time to work a consistent job each week?

The answer I have personally found: Yes!

As I learned to manage my time, I discovered that it is indeed very possible to be involved in multiple things outside of class. (For example: intramural sports, clubs, school activities, and . . . work!) And let's be honest with one another, it's great to have cash to spend. Even if you're not spending it.

With time management, I also discovered the benefit of working on campus opposed to finding a job off campus. I have a few reasons for this. 1) It takes time to walk to your car and drive somewhere when you could just walk across campus to work. 2) The jobs are very accommodating to the schedule of college students. If you can only work for an hour in-between class each day, those are the hours you'll get. 3) Some jobs are very flexible and allow you to drop in on your own time, whenever you're free. 

Coming into college, I had no idea just how many work-study jobs were available on campus. Trust me, there are a lot. There are so many different offices, departments, and buildings to work in, I definitely don't even know of each and every single work-study that exists. 

You could...

...lead a worship team

...clean the hallways in your dorm

...give tours around campus

...shovel snow in the winter at the front desk of the student center

...coordinate devotional groups in your dorm in the peer tutor center

-write articles or take photos for the student newspaper (The Beacon) 

-work in the sound booth during chapel

-make coffee at the Common Grounds coffee shop 

Really, the possibilities are endless. The beauty is that each job is unique. Does cleaning relieve your stress? Great! Get paid to vacuum the halls of your dorm. Are you interested in planning activities and events? Awesome! Join Student Activities Council. Do you love cheese balls? Maybe try out a job at the Hub! 

All this said, it is very possible to work a part-time job in college. Some semesters may have a greater work load, and you might have to cut back on your hours. Others may offer greater flexibility and you might consider working a few more. The goal is to figure out what works best for you with your schedule. 

Best of luck my friends!