Life of a Religion Major

I am indeed a religion major here at Northwestern College. When you hear that, I am sure many questions go through you mind, such as; How is it? What is it like? What are the classes like? What do you want to do afterward? What are the professors like? Okay, I am sure none of those questions actually crossed your mind, but I am going to answer most of them anyway.

Last semester I only had religion classes and I have a couple this semester as well, so this year has been a religion-intensive one for sure. This has been challenging because it involves a lot of reading, writing and studying, which is different from some general education classes and business classes that I have taken before.

First off, I will say I am studying religion here with hopes to attend seminary after college and then hopefully become a chaplain in the Air Force. That has been a recent ambition, and I really would like to pursue it as a career.

I really love being a religion major for many different reasons. First of all, it is pretty fun to learn mind-blowing stuff about the Bible. I thought I had a pretty good grasp on some topics, and then I take a class and learn that I know nothing about anything.

Last semester I took a class on the Holy Spirit taught by the legend himself, Dr. Vonder Bruegge. We looked at things and topics about the Holy Spirit that have never occurred to me in the past. I was incredibly challenged by different ideas and wrote some papers on topics that really made me think. That class improved my thinking and writing immensely, and it made me a better student “scholar.”

I am also more than halfway done with a year of Greek, which has been one of the toughest experiences probably of my entire life. However, it is incredibly rewarding to learn a biblical language. It is a pretty cool feeling to pick up a Greek New Testament and somewhat understand what is there.

I owe so much credit to the religion professors here at Northwestern. They are truly the best. I learned a ton about heaven and hell from Dr. Andres last semester, and Dr. Mead continues to throw incredible knowledge at me. They are also great mentors to me. All students have to take at least two religion courses here at Northwestern. They are incredible courses and will wrinkle your brain daily.

So yes, the majority of this was me just bragging about the religion department here (and just to clarify, no religion professor paid me to do this). The cool thing about Northwestern is that I know any student could write something similar bragging about their own department. I have had such an amazing experience learning about the Bible, and I still have a year and a half left.

** The picture was me during probably the busiest week of my college career. This is me hoping that having a lot of books in front of me will just make me smarter without actually reading them.