Raiders Say Thanks

In this season of gratitude, we asked our Red Raider bloggers: What are you most thankful for at Northwestern?

I’m grateful for Northwestern’s global mindset. I've had several opportunities to travel with Northwestern groups whether it was for Spring Service, Summer Study Abroad or Drama Ministries Ensemble's spring break tour. I've gone across the country to Louisiana and across the Atlantic Ocean to England and Albania. What a joy to know that Northwestern's mission to prepare students to do God's redeeming work in the world is actually applied while we're still here. Liz Meier

I am thankful for Sunday night Praise and Worship. The music is so powerful and the student speakers are awesome! Lauren Weber

I am most thankful for the friends I have made in my short time here. They made the change from living in Los Angeles to coming to the cold of Iowa more than pleasant. Jonathan Johnson

I am thankful for kind professors who are unafraid to live out their faith in class. I have had several professors from different academic departments pray over their students before tests, ask how their students are doing if they sense the student might be having a rough day, and they are never shy to converse outside of class even long after I have completed the class. Their kindness, passion for their jobs and their students, and attention to the Christian faith is truly spectacular. Caley Vink

I am thankful for the kindness shown on campus. People smile and wave when you walk by, doors are held open, and there’s a sense of community. It’s great to see the student body in chapel, games or campus events, connecting and fellowshipping with each other. Shelby Maznio

Northwestern has continually challenged me in my academics. It has challenged my worldview and how I can integrate what I have learned with my faith. Northwestern has provided me with an environment where I am growing in my knowledge and faith. Dani Duistermars

Whenever someone asks me how college life is, I always answer with ‘I absolutely love it’–because I really do! The experiences on campus are one-of-a-kind here, and you can always find some event going on. Whether Fern is hosting an all-hall potato event, girls are having their weekly get-together to watch a TV show, or your roommate is playing in the dodgeball tournament with her tennis team, there is always something to watch or participate in on campus. Kaitlyn Asmus

I am thankful for my teammates on the NWC soccer team. Those guys are not just teammates, but my brothers and the best group of guys I know. Getting the opportunity to play with such talented players and great people has been an opportunity of a lifetime. Connor Sams

I am thankful that Northwestern provides so many ways to serve. In one week I was able to fill an Operation Christmas Child box, sign up for a Spring Service Project, and write thank you’s to people across campus. There are many tangible ways to serve made easy by Northwestern’s Campus Ministry. Anna Perrenoud

The Hub is a blessing to me on my busy days. When I need to eat lunch at 3:00 in the afternoon, the Hub is open for me to grab a sub. I am so grateful for it! Lauren Weber

I've lived in Fern my whole time at Northwestern. I'm thankful for all the wild and hilarious moments that come from board games, movie nights, and even filming parody videos with my wing mates. Living in the community of the dorms really is what you make it. Liz Meier

I am thankful for the community that this college and the city around us has formed. Everyone wants to see the students here succeed and I appreciate that about Orange City. Jonathan Johnson

I am thankful for the camaraderie of Northwestern students. When you join this campus, you become part of a family. Sure, you may not get to know every student in your time here. But you will feel a sense of belonging and compassion that comes from sharing the Red Raider spirit. Caley Vink

I am thankful for my incredible professors. They take the time to invest in my education and are even willing to help outside of class time. My profs have been a huge part of helping me figure out what majors I wanted to pursue and have supported me through those tough decisions. Shelby Maznio

I grew up in Orange City, so I was nervous about not getting enough knowledge about the world around me, particularly through experiencing it. Northwestern has allowed me to do just that. I have served in a mission in Dublin, Ireland, for a summer through the SOS program, gone to various parts of the country for Spring Service Projects as well as band tours, and I am currently studying in Romania.  Northwestern works to allow students to experience the world through several avenues. Dani Duistermars

I’m thankful for the relationships I’ve made while at Northwestern. The friends I’ve made through class and sports are always there when you need a pick-me-up or a quick run to Blue Bunny in Le Mars. People always say the relationships you make in college are the ones that last forever, and I couldn’t agree more. Kaitlyn Asmus

I am incredibly thankful for my advisor, Ann Minnick. Not only is she a fantastic professor and advisor here on campus, but she is a fantastic person who truly cares about her students. During finals week, she always bakes her advisees treats as motivation for the week, and will be there for you whenever you need something. Whether it is a school related issue, or something that is going on in your personal life, she is more than willing to listen to what you have to say and help out in whatever capacity she can. She is such a blessing and I am so thankful for all she has done for me! Connor Sams

I am thankful for the people who surround me here at Northwestern. They have simultaneously stretched me and made me feel at home over the past three years. The small campus makes me feel like I know everyone, and everyone is so friendly and kind. Anna Perrenoud

Even for students who aren't theatre majors, the theatre department makes space for us all. We get to make art together in the name of the King. People might think because our department is small, the quality of our productions is limited, but I think it just gives our students better opportunities to practice our craft. Can I say we're really good? We do really good work. Liz Meier

I am thankful for my dorm wing and my roommate especially. Fern 3S is such a welcoming wing full of amazing gals. Lauren Weber

I am thankful for the facilities at Northwestern. There is no excuse for me not to study, work out, or find fun things to do while on campus. I am thankful for all of the resources administration puts toward campus life. Jonathan Johnson

I am thankful for our staff at the Hub and the cafeteria.  I am always greeted by a warm smile and kind eyes. Each person is easy to have conversation with, and they all have a heart for serving others. They cook our food and provide both nutritious and delicious meals. I don’t think they get enough credit! Caley Vink

I am thankful for being an RA. I have met so many incredible people through this role and the staff is an amazing support system. I loved my role in the dorms as I watched the freshmen experience their first year in college, and now in the apartments, I can help when I’m needed. This job became so much more than I ever anticipated and it definitely changed my college experience for the better. Shelby Maznio

I really appreciate the relationships I have made with a few of my main professors.  It is common to see professors having coffee with their students outside of class.  My friends and I have had suppers with our professor before. Our band director would invite the entire band to his house after one of our concerts every year. The professors care and want to know their students outside of the classroom setting. Dani Duistermars

The English department is in Kepp Hall on the back corner of campus. It's a great place to drink the strongest coffee and study late at night for linguistics exams. Most of my English classes have taken place around a large table where we share snacks and discuss writing and literature with some of the smartest and wisest people I know. Liz Meier

I can’t help but be thankful for the Hub! Anytime I have a late night craving for some onion rings, I am glad there is somewhere on campus that I can go to find some. On days when I need to grab a quick meal, I know I can always get something to go at the Hub that is incredibly tasty. Connor Sams

I am thankful for professors who care about me beyond just my schoolwork. They want to know about my goals and dreams, and are eager to help me make connections. Anna Perrenoud