Airband, Hammocking, Game Nights and more

Though I am a mere six weeks into my sophomore year here at Northwestern, I have already had an exciting year full of new experiences as well as familiar (yet enjoyable!) routine.

I’ll let you in on some of my highlights from this fall semester so far:

  • Black V. This past week, I had the chance to go see Black V, the campus improvisational group, for the very first time. I was eager to see the group perform, but let me tell you…I had high expectations. I sat down among the student audience in Hospers Hall and waited anxiously for 6:12 to roll around (yes, they were scheduled to begin at 6:12). From the moment they began until the moment they ended, I was doubled over laughing–and nearly crying–at their quick-wittedness, odd scenarios and brilliant characters. They far exceeded my expectations and I can’t wait until their next show!
  • Airband. Have you ever seen the show Lip Sync Battle? Well that’s essentially what Northwestern’s Airband competition is like (minus the celebrities). Last year I watched and enjoyed the competition from the comfort of the chapel’s pews. You could not have paid me to go up and dance in front of the entire campus. I am such a horrible dancer! However, this year most of my dorm wing was planning  to enter the competition again. A few of them asked if I was interested in joining their Airband group and I decided to step out of my comfort zone. Every night at 9:00, I practiced the routine in the dance room with my group. It was a great way to get involved and meet new people (as well as work on my dance moves). Although I’m terribly uncoordinated, awkward and clumsy, I do not regret saying yes to this new experience! 
  • Hammocking. The weather has been incredibly warm so far this semester. I have been trying to take advantage of it by borrowing a hammock and setting up in some trees that haven’t already been taken by others with the same idea. Though the world outside the Learning Commons can be distracting, it is a comfortable time to get some homework done. Just watch out for those pesky bugs…
  • Getting to know my wing. From Monday night wing dinners, to Airband practice, to long talks in the middle of the wing hall, I love getting to know the girls on my wing. They are kind and sweet and will always make you feel at home. I am so thankful to live among such a loving group of ladies. Shout-out to Fern Smith 3S for being such an awesome wing.
  • Game nights. I absolutely love games. Board games, card games…you name it and I’m in. When my roommate came up with the idea to have a night dedicated to playing awesome games with awesome people, I was, to simply put it, pumped. And game nights have not disappointed. It is a blast to gather around our makeshift table in Ramaker, play numerous games and make new friends.

Of course I have had more great memories than I can fit in this post (like attending Praise and Worship and listening to the Delilah radio show with my roommate). I am blessed to be able to have such a long list so far. Thank goodness I get to look forward to the rest of my sophomore year to make even more memories here at Northwestern.  

We paused for a photo after our Airband performance on Saturday night.

We paused for a photo after our Airband performance on Saturday night.