Dorm Life 101

I've gotta say, I love life in the dorms. On a scale from one to ten, I'd give it a twelve. I love it so much that today I'm dedicating my post directly to Fern Smith Hall, my home. 

Disclaimer: I'm getting married this summer! (Ahhh! All the feels.) That means this is my last semester living on campus. Choosing to get married in college, my fiance and I knew there were a few things we'd have to give up. One of those things was dorm life. Though I am beyond excited to begin life with my soon-to-be-husband, there will be a part of me that will miss living on campus. 

In honor of my last semester in Fern Smith Hall, I'd like to share with you why I have loved living in the dorms so much: 

Your best-buds live right next door. (Give or take a few flights of stairs.) This means that you can walk over any time you want to ask for help with homework, to make plans for lunch, or to simply share about your day. And you don't even have to brave the elements to get there! (This is especially nice in the winter.) 

There's always someone to talk to. With anywhere from 18 to 28 residents living on each wing, there's a pretty good chance that you'll never be the only one in the dorm at any given time. 

Two words: game night. I grew up with one brother, meaning our game selection was often limited. College, however, is a little different. With so many willing participants living around you, the game selections are endless! A recent favorite on my wing is Ticket to Ride. 

Wing dinner. Tuesday night is technically 'wing dinner' on my wing, but realistically, any given night could turn into wing dinner. Around 5 each night, whoever's on the wing at that time will go down to the caf together to eat. Living in the dorm practically guarantees a dinner buddy. 

Naps between class. What happens when you've got an hour between classes? You go to the library to do some homework of course! OR you walk across the street and take a nap because you live so close! (There are days in which this is a huge blessing.) 

Late-night chats. Any given night, any time of the night. 

Tooth-brush brushing parties! Jammin' out with your roomie? Good times. Jammin' out with your roomie while brushing your teeth? Great times. 

D-groups. Also known as discipleship groups--a time of prayer and study of Scripture with whoever on the wing would like to join. Last week my roomie pulled out her guitar and we added a time of worship to our evening. 

If anyone were to ask me, "Should I live in the dorm?" I would respond with an resounding "YES!"

I've met some of my best friends in the dorms. I've shared many moments of both laughter and tears. It was actually my first overnight in the dorm that brought me here. Senior year of high school, after only a night on campus, I knew that I wanted to go to NWC. Flash forward to now, with three semesters on campus, I know with confidence that I made the right choice.