Hello to Hell Week

From my last 120s on the track at 6am, to my last time bonding during hell week with such an awesome group of girls, I feel so blessed to be a part of the Northwestern women's soccer team. This year has been by far my favorite year as a soccer player. Though it's been a tough journey these past few years, I am grateful for this team.

During hell week we took one day to get off of campus and bond as a group. I heard we were going camping, so I thought in my head, "Lord Jesus, I can't do this." The bugs, tents, and dirt just aren't for me. 

Before the trip, Coach Karnish decided to tell the whole team we had to compete for our cabins. Whoever lost in laser tag had to sleep in the tents. The winners got to sleep in cabins. I just thought to myself, "This is not happening." So we went laser tagging at this huge outdoor facility with our goggles and epic guns.

As the day went by, I thought I was doing pretty good. I stayed away from everybody and tried my best not to die. It wasn't until going up stairs to the indoor glow room that they nailed me (aka the 5 freshman/Karnish). 

Long story short, I unfortunately didn't make the cut. So me and five other girls had to sleep in a tent. I thought to myself, "Maybe this won't be too bad after all." So we did what we knew, with no directions at all, and me and about 8 other girls put up this tent. As I looked at it, I tilted my head and thought, "This tent looks crooked." We did what anybody would've done, we left it alone, realizing the next morning that the whole tent looked like it was falling. 

That night, I remember sleeping on a slant thinking it was going to pour down rain. I was freaking out. Even though I heard so much noise that night, I remember it distinctly because I had one of the best conversations I have ever had with soccer girls. We went from get-to-know-you surface questions to questions that hit people deep. We laughed, some cried, but we had a good time overall. I am thankful for that night as I thought to myself, "Building that tent and bonding with my team far outweighed my thoughts about camping, and for that, I am truly grateful."