Future RA: Day 1

I know the school year’s coming to the close, but I’ve gotta tell ya─I’m pretty pumped for next year. After spring break I found out that next year I’ll be an RA in Fern, and just this past week I finally found out what wing I’ll be living on.

Rumors had been spreading for quite some time that Thursday was “the day”, so the big reveal wasn’t a complete shock to me. We (being the future RAs) were also told to wear tennis shoes to our meeting that night for a “fun activity” [wink wink]. Emphasis on the [wink wink].

So around 9:00pm that night, all eight of the new 2016-2017 Fern RAs met up in our RD Lindsay’s apartment. We started off with a confidentiality agreement that we were told to read WORD for WORD and then sign.

I haven’t read very many confidentiality agreements in my life, so please take my critique with a grain of salt, but I had a pretty hard time following what that agreement was saying.

“This agreement signifies that the ‘employer’ who employs the ‘employee’ will provide employment to the ‘employee’should they choose to accept employment with the ‘employer’ who employs the ‘employee’”.

Something like that. I may or may not have skimmed over a few sentences. Which would explain to the other girls who were carefully reading the paper word for word why I jumped up and started running around the apartment.

At the bottom of the confidentiality agreement was the first clue to discovering our future wing. Hidden somewhere in the apartment was a piece of paper with my name on it. And I was determined to find it.

Did I find it? Sadly, no.

After a while Lindsay hinted at her coat pocket hanging on the door, and what would you know my note was in there!

The first clue led me to the circulation desk at the library where I work. [To the girl who stopped me to ask about a paper we’ve been assigned to write, I’m sorry I didn't stay around to answer all of your questions. I hope you understand.]

The second clue led me to a windmill off campus. [Off. Campus. Glad I had the tennis shoes for running.]

The third clue led me to my favorite professor’s office. My mom!

The fourth clue led me to my mailbox in the RSC.

The fifth clue led me back to my dorm room in search of my lovely roommate, who told me the next clue was hidden somewhere in our room. After finding the note in a random tennis shoe near my bed, I was sent back to my RD’s apartment─with the tennis shoe in hand.

Thus began my internal search as to which current RA the tennis shoe belonged to. 

After all of the future Fern RAs got back to the apartment, each with a shoe in hand, this year’s current RAs came in with the matching shoes. Then there were many, many [probably too many from me] screams of excitement as we realized whose wing we would be taking over.

Moment of truth here─what wing did I get? Fern 3rd South, in case you were wondering. Then we celebrated with cheesecake. Doesn’t get better than that kids. Doesn’t get better than that.